• Leadership and Executive Coaching – Performance & Transition
  • Life coaching

Location: Paris, FRANCE

Credentials and Certificates: RNCP 2 / Eur 6



Eric is a multicultural business and personal coach and consultant, specializing in helping people recognize the strengths needed to move to their next level of success.

He motivates and stimulates people to find their best solutions whenever achieving their goal.

He facilitates this relationship by creating an atmosphere of mutual trust, empathy, professionalism and confidentiality.

Combined with his experience and training, the outcome is a genuine approach to coaching. Along with these learned skills, he brings an innate sense of curiosity to the table that helps develop a basis for positive results.

Eric brings up tools and practical exercices in addition to permanent learning.

Besides coaching, Eric has extensive leadership experience in the Technology field.



« Dream big, make Decisions and take Actions »



Blooming at work but also in life, pleasure, happiness, vitality, positive energies and wellness in performance and personal development.

Make your life vibrate!

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